Sky-Watcher Virtuoso 90mm f/13.9 Maksutov-Cassegrain Multi-Purpose Motorized Mount




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Product Description

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso 90mm f/13.9 Maksutov-Cassegrain Multi-Purpose Motorized Mount

the Sky-Watcher Virtuoso 90mm f/13.9 Maksutov-Cassegrain Multi-Purpose Motorized Mount is more than an astronomical observing platform—it can be used for conventional nighttime celestial viewing, daytime solar viewing using the included filter, or as a terrestrial spotting scope. Swap the optical tube assembly (OTA) for its camera or smartphone mounts and start wide-field astrophotography or time-lapse and panoramic photo techniques with its automatic shutter release functions.

The mount is easily aligned and outfitted with automatic celestial tracking as soon as it's turned on for astronomy use. Two eyepieces produce a nice variety of magnifications and the included 5x24 finderscope makes star-hopping navigation easy. Multiple slew speeds aid in finding and centering objects, while manual release clutches and dual encoders let you move the mount by hand to conserve battery power without it losing its orientation so it can maintain its tracking ability.

For terrestrial use the automatic tracking is turned off with a simple keystroke, and the included 90° diagonal puts your head in a comfortable position while horizontally correcting the image so views are properly oriented. You can set up to six locations and have the mount automatically go to them. This can be used with the camera mount and your camera with a remote shutter release for time-lapse or panoramic photography when you set the mount to automatically fire the shutter, or continuous video shooting with a camcorder. The included smartphone adapter allows for instant sharing and posting of sky or ground subjects.

Whether you want to view or photograph the sky, Sun, or seas, the Virtuoso mount is a complete platform to give you the tools to accomplish basic astronomy or tackle advanced photography techniques.

Optical Tube Assembly

  • Removable solar filter allows OTA to be used for nighttime or daytime observation
  • 90mm aperture
  • f/13.9 focal ratio
  • 1250mm effective focal length
  • Compact Maksutov-Cassegrain optical configuration
  • Multi-coated lenses reduce reflection to boost image brightness, color rendition, and contrast
  • Front convex meniscus lens corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations and comas (off-axis aberrations) across the entire field of view
  • Single-speed internal focusing mechanism

Alt-Azimuth Mount

  • Single fork-arm design
  • 4.4-pound (2kg) payload capacity
  • Instant astronomical tracking when turned on
  • Dual-axis variable-speed DC servo motors
  • Motor encoders enable manual control without mount losing its orientation
  • Manual clutch releases allow for easy manual movement
  • Five slew speeds to easily align and orient mount for astronomical or terrestrial use
  • Latitude memory retains settings even when mount is powered off
  • Dovetail saddle enables changing OTA and camera mount without tools
  • Highly portable tabletop design with adjustable leveling feet
  • 3/8"-16 mount on base to attach to many photo, video, and field tripods
  • Integrated circular "bull's eye" bubble level
  • Upgrade to full GoTo astronomical functionality with optional SynScan hand controller
  • Powered by eight user-supplied AA batteries or optional 12 VDC power adapter

Terrestrial Photography Functions

  • Turn off automatic celestial tracking for full manual control
  • Program multiple land-based points for mount to automatically go to them on a set schedule
  • Use mount stability and automatic GoTo points for time-lapse or panoramic photography techniques
  • Remote shutter release port automatically triggers for time-lapse or panoramic shooting; Canon EOS Rebel remote shutter release cable included
  • Cruising modes: Photo Cruise, the mount cycles through the programmed GoTo locations, stopping to take a photo; Video Cruise, the mount goes through locations without stopping for continuous video shooting

Photography/Astroimaging Accessories

  • Camera Bracket:
  • Dovetail fits easily into mount saddle and allows it to be tightened for security
  • Mount camera horizontally or vertically
  • 1/4"-20 mount fits most cameras and camcorders
  • Piggyback Bracket:
  • Screws onto main camera bracket
  • Allows dual mounting of cameras or camera/camcorder combination for more image-capture options
  • Smartphone Adapter:
  • Accepts most sizes of smartphones
  • Enables fast image capture for sharing or posting to social media

Observation Accessories

  • Solar Filter:
  • White-light film filter
  • Blocks more than 99.9% of intense light and 100% of UV and IR radiation
  • Allows safe solar viewing through the OTA
  • Ideal for viewing solar eclipses, sunspots, and planetary transits
  • Visual Back:
  • Screw-on design with standard Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (SCT) threads
  • 1.25" holder accepts most eyepieces and accessories
  • Eyepieces:
  • 1.25" barrel diameter
  • 10mm focal length produces 125x power
  • 20mm focal with wide-angle lens configuration yields 32x magnification
  • Diagonal:
  • 90° places head in comfortable viewing position for terrestrial viewing, or when OTA is pointed at or near the zenith
  • Mirror, "star" configuration corrects image horizontally but not vertically for terrestrial use
  • 1.25" snout and eyepiece holder is compatible with most focusers and accessories
  • Finder:
  • Conventional 5x24 finderscope for nighttime astronomical observation or daytime terrestrial use
  • Low magnification ensures a wide field of view
  • Finder bracket has flip-up screen to become a solar finder for safe solar viewing

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